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Services and Programs




We are dedicated to fulfilling the human spirit, mind and soul. We provide a safe, respectful and compassionate environment for elders and offer a variety of opportunities for meaningful engagement and community connectedness through our person-centered and spontaneous activities that are compatible with interests, needs and desires of our elders.


Some highlights of programs offered through the Programming Department are: Opening Minds through Art, Community Bus Outings, Intergenerational programs, Music and Memory, Horticulture, Swimming, Pet Programs, Special Celebrations, Pub Nights Entertainments, Cognitive Stimulation Games, Spontaneous activities and much more…


Contact Information

Maria Menounos, Program Director

519.893.6320 ext. 245



Our certified Recreation Staff are dedicated in providing a range of activities and programs such as:
  • Intergenerational Programs
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Baking/ Cooking/ Canning
  • Horticulture (indoor/outdoor garden projects)
  • Mental Stimulation Activities (Brain Gym, trivia, crosswords, Wii)
  • Outdoor Picnics and Special Themed Dinners
  • Exercise Programs (volleyball, gold, parachute, Nordic Pole walking)
  • Music Programs, sing-a-longs, Live Entertainment.
  • Wii Games
  • Ceramics
  • Swimming
  • Pub Nights
  • Library Services
  • Community Bus Outings/Trips
  • Computers, Skype
  • Pet Programs, visits
  • Montessori based activities
  • 1:1 Activities
  • Residents Council
  • Opening Minds through Art


Support Services

  • Occupational and speech therapies
  • Therapy rooms
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Podiatry treatment
  • Optometry, dental and audiology services
  • Palliative Care Team
  • Volunteers
  • Hairdressing, barbering, & esthetician
  • Massage, music, reflexology therapies
  • Financial services
  • 24 hour nursing care
  • Individualized Care Plans
  • Continuous Quality Improvement Program
  • Ongoing staff education
  • Clinical placement facility for community colleges


Social Work

Our onsite Social Worker assists elders and their families with the transition to LTC through one on one visit and group sessions.  Further supports to elders in the Home and their caregivers are provided around issues of loss, change, anxiety, depression and conflict. The Social Worker is a resource for Mediation, Advocacy, Power of Attorney, Advance Care Planning and Financial/Government related services.

Heather Jackson M.S.W., R.S.W.

Social Worker

519.893.6320 ext. 292



Gardens and Horticulture

Here at Trinity Village you will find over 30 gardens full of flowers and activity.  From a burgeoning community vegetable garden, to a quiet shaded haven, opportunities abound for your involvement. In the morning you might sow a row of radish seed in your own garden plot.  In the afternoon you could join a group of friends and design a large flower planter for the porch.  In the Autumn you might find yourself pushing tulips and crocuses into bulb pans to be ready for blooming indoors in February or helping to decorate the front entranceways of the Studios or the Continuing Care Centre with a Fall display.  Whatever your garden interest, the Horticulture Manager will work with you toward achieving your goals.

Hedi Lee

Horticulture Manager

519-893-6320 ext. 252



Care Centre Rehabilitation

The Fitness room promotes physical activity and is available to all residents. Rehabilitation and Restorative Programs are developed and maintained by a Registered Physiotherapist and certified Rehabilitation Assistants. Rehabilitation Programs include:

  • Restorative Dining, Walking and Activities of Daily Living Program
  • Range of Motion Exercises
  • Specialized Exercises: weightlifting, parallel bars, free weight, bicycle and treadmill
  • Therapeutic Modalities: paraffin wax, ultrasound, TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator), Hot and Cold Packs
  • Transfer Techniques
  • Mobility and Mobility Aids Assessment
  • Fine and Gross Motor Skill Program
  • Speech Therapy Referrals
  • Preventative Falls & Least Restraint Program


Caring for the Human Spirit at Trinity Village…

At Trinity Village we serve people as they connect their spirituality with their experience of aging and changing abilities. We do this by living out the values of Trinity Village with respect, community and compassion.


Out of respect we accept and honor the sacredness of each human being entrusted to our care or who passes through our doors. Our inclusive community strives to provide holistic care, which includes spiritual care, for our residents and their families. With the development of a pastoral relationship borne out of compassion for our residents and their families, our Chaplain provides support for the following:

  • Exploring the meaning and purpose of life
  • Finding hope
  • Addressing grief and loss
  • Religious care
  • End of Life concerns and issues
  • Questions of faith and God


Many and varied opportunities exist to meet with the Chaplain. They range from one on one meetings with residents and/or family members to fellowship at Tuesday morning worship. Other opportunities include Coffee with the Chaplain (an informal discussion group over coffee and snacks), Floor Communion Services, Hymn Sings, Memorial Services, Prayer and Meditation with the Chaplain, and End of Life and Palliative Care.


Our Chaplain…. Rev’d Eleanor Caruana, LL.B., M.Div. can be contacted at or by telephone at 519-893-6320, ext. 231. For after hour needs or urgent requests staff members are able to have the Chaplain paged.



Trinity Village Care Centre Family Council

The Family Council at Trinity Village is a group of family members and friends of Residents that meets monthly. One of its objectives is to improve the quality of life of Residents. The council is a self-led autonomous group, governed by its Terms of Reference that provides a communication link with the Trinity staff to give families a voice in decisions which affect Residents in the Home. It also provides many opportunities for education and information, through invited speakers, on the operation of Long Term Care Homes.


The Council meets on the first Tuesday of the month from 6:30 pm until 8:00 pm. Meetings are held in the Board Room located on the ground floor – from the entrance, turn left through the café area, past the Gathering Room and Hairdresser.  The receptionist will help you in case of difficulty.


Relatives and friends of new Residents are encouraged to attend one of our meetings to see firsthand how we operate.  You can also read the minutes of past meetings at the Family Council display on the left after you pass the receptionist on the way to the elevators.  Also, the display includes various pamphlets which may be of interest.


We specifically welcome members and visitors of all ethnic origins and religious groups.


Our Terms of Reference allow for the democratic election of a Chairperson, Secretary and any others considered to be desirable in the best interests of Council operations.


The Family Council is in a position to benefit Residents who are mentally or physically unable to express their concerns or needs, as well as those without family.  All Residents benefit from the Council’s activities to improve the overall quality of life in the Home.  We believe that the Home also benefits in that a means of communicating directly with families is provided via the Council and new ideas may be discussed freely.

Contact Us

To contact Family Council, please email