Board of Directors

Call for Board Director Candidates

Thank you for considering serving at Trinity Village. Our volunteer Board of Directors play a vital role in realizing our vision to be a dynamic community leader, fostering a compassionate and engaging holistic lifestyle in an eco-friendly environment, through best practices, partnerships, research, and innovation.

Trinity Village is a not-for-profit, charitable organization owned and operated by Lutheran Homes Kitchener - Waterloo (LHKW), a ministry of the Eastern Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC). In conjunction with community partners, we provide quality programs and facilities that enable people with housing, medical and social needs to live with dignity and respect.


  • The Board will direct, control, and inspire the organization through careful establishment of broad written policies reflecting the organization’s vision, mission, and values. The Board’s major focus will be on the intended long-term effects, not on the administrative or programmatic means of attaining those effects.
  • The Board is responsible for reviewing and monitoring organizational risks.
  • The Board will clearly articulate, to the CEO or designate, the kind of information needed to understand and monitor the organization’s activities.
  • The Board will enforce upon itself whatever discipline is needed to govern with excellence. Consequently, Board members will:
    • regularly attend meetings of the Board, and actively engage in appointed committee meetings including one of Human Resources; Audit, Finance & Risk; Policy and Governance; Strategic Development Committee or Risk & Quality Committee,
    • actively engage in discussion, asking questions to seek clarity or greater understanding,
    • acknowledge that once the majority of the Board has made a decision, the Board will speak with one voice.
  • The Board will emphasize continual Board development. This will include orientation of new members in the Board’s governance process and periodic Board discussion of process improvement.
  • The Board will provide assurance of successful organizational performance towards the specific Ends, yet within parameters set forth by Executive Expectations.

Benefits and Opportunities

  • Make an impact.
  • Be in service for others.
  • Gain expertise on complex issues that are integral to business, housing, senior care, and the local community.
  • Extend care and compassion for individuals who take part in innovative services of Lutheran Homes Kitchener Waterloo, operators of Trinity Village.
  • Broaden your connections and build valuable networks.

Application for Board of Directors

To apply to be a candidate of the volunteer Trinity Village Board of Directors, please complete this online form and submit it with a copy of your current resume or cover letter. All information contained in this form is strictly confidential and will be held in a manner respecting the privacy of the applicant. All applications will be reviewed by the HR Committee of the Board of Directors.

Part One: General Information

Part Two: Board of Governance

The board seeks a complementary balance of knowledge, skills, and experience.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure

Directors must avoid conflicts between their self-interest and their duty to the organization. In the space below, please identify any relationship with any organization, Trinity Village resident or staff, that may create a conflict of interest, or the appearance of a conflict of interest, by virtue of being appointed to the board.

By submitting my application and my resume, I declare that: