BEEDEN Honey At Trinity Village

The BEEDEN Honey Team needs you!

Do you like honey?  Do honeybees and other pollinators fascinate you?  Are you looking for a new opportunity to learn? 

On the Beeden Honey team we promote a nurturing and symbiotic relationship where residents, staff and friends can engage in a respectful relationship with the bees we are nurturing on our Trinity Village site.  It is through this unique opportunity that we connect with nature and others in our community to foster a sense of purpose; and experience the joy and fulfillment of being good stewards on our land.  The BEEDEN Honey Team is made up of a group of like-minded volunteers, residents, and members of staff at Trinity Village who are interested in learning how to care for and protect our honeybees. What we are learning, we share in meaningful ways with our community. We meet once a month for 1.5 hours and then give our time, as we wish and are able, to the many opportunities around the bees, the honey, the learning, and the sharing.

We welcome you to come and volunteer with us in a hands-on experiential team that is growing in the knowledge of the Eden philosophy, our honeybees and by natural extension - other native pollinators in the gardens of our eco-system we call home.

Contact: Hedi Lee, Horticulture Manager at if you would like more information about joining the team.



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For more information, please contact:

Our Horticulture Manager
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