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At Trinity Village Horticulture, we are committed to bringing more than thirty gardens to life and garden life to our residents, visitors, and staff through various opportunities. You can continue your love for gardening through our Community Garden program, renting a small garden plot raised bed, or growing a tower in the Community Garden area. You can also find the support you need to garden comfortably, whether a potted plant on your windowsill or a container and tools that await you each time you head outside.

I chose Trinity Village for my husband because of all the gardens and the outdoor opportunities

Wife of TVCC Resident

For those who love flowers, you will find the “Flower Cart” available just outside the Care Centre during the spring and summer months. This cart provides the tools to cut and arrange your bouquet of blooms from our many flower gardens. With these tools, you can harvest flowers for yourself, a loved one, or anyone within our Trinity Village Community. Suppose you want to send flowers to someone and don’t want to harvest and arrange them yourself. In that case, the Wednesdays in Bloom program runs through the summer months and allows you to purchase a single bouquet or a subscription of bouquets for the person of your choice within our community.

I enjoyed the tulip display this spring on the front berm.


For the bird lover, should you happen to live on the first floor, we provide guidance and support for feeding birds out your window.

Trinity Village Horticulture supports and manages a small apiary on the property. As we work with the bees, we find opportunities to share what we have learned with our community through opening the hives, harvesting and extracting honey, and sharing the honey with our community through the Beeden Honey Sale in November. A small team of interested residents, staff, and visitors are on a journey to learn more about bees and bring that learning to the broader community through the bee kiosk and other bee-related programs. If bees are your interest, keep it up by joining the Beeden Honey Team.

The Horticulture Manager welcomes conversation with you about the gardens, the birds, and our bees at Trinity Village. To get in touch, contact us.

Beeden Honey

Crafted by our very own bees and harvested by our Bee Committee here at Trinity Village.

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I love all the gardens and appreciate all the work, and the flower cart.

Care Partner

Permeable Pathway Project

The Community Garden Permeable Pathway Project provided the opportunity to explore the concept of Low Impact Development and discover the benefits of permeable pavement both for the Trinity Village Community and the greater Region of Waterloo Community.

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